5 Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeper

When you first start a business you can probably manage the bookkeeping by yourself but as your business grows and gets busier your time is filled with doing what you love and that’s probably not bookkeeping! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a bookkeeper

  • You’ll have up to date accurate financial information.
Doing the books is their priority, they won’t be distracted by all the other jobs that come with running a business so they’ll ensure the accounts are up to date and accurate. They’ll invoice your customers promptly, pay suppliers on time and make sure you never miss a tax bill again.

  •  They will save you precious time

If bookkeeping is not your thing it can be an unwanted task that takes your focus away from growing and running your own business. So take the pressure off and let them take responsibility for that pile of ever growing receipts while you focus your time elsewhere. 

  • The will save you money in accountancy fees
If you dump a box full of receipts on your accountant’s desk a week before the tax deadline they are not going to love you. It is also going to take them quite a bit of time to collate all the information together before they can start on your accounts. If you’ve had a trained bookkeeper keeping your books up to date throughout the year it will be easier for your accountants to complete your year end accounts and tax information, saving them time and you money. 

  • They’re experienced and knowledgeable
Bookkeepers have trained for years to understand the sometimes baffling world of accounting. They’re knowledgeable and experienced so will be able to share lots of tips and tricks they’ve learnt along the way. They will also be able to improve accuracy and reduce errors within your accounts. 

  • It’s Completely Flexible
When hiring a freelance bookkeeper you can ask them to do as much or as little as you need. Maybe you just need them to take care of your payroll or perhaps you want to unload all of your bookkeeping onto them, that’s totally fine. This flexibility is invaluable while your business is changing and growing.

 Oh and one final one - a bookkeeper is a legitimate tax deductible expense!

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